You’re caring, generous and charasmatic… You must be a Leo! Born between the 23rd July and 23rd of August, you get your special day in some beautiful Summer months! If you know your astrology, you’ll be familar with what Leos are associated with; the colours of the sun, gliz & glamour and just generally bringing light into peoples lives!

Based on this, we’ve created the ideal birthday party for your Star Sign!

Idea 1: Party Balloons


Choose gold for this birthday celebration! A close relative to yellow, the colour gold promotes all kinds of sparkle, which we all know Leos love! Create an elegant party wall with our extensive collection of Numbered, Lettered, Latex and Shaped balloons.

Products shown: “Happy B-Day” Phrase Gold SuperShape Foil Balloon, Metallic Gold Heart Foil Balloon, Gold Star Latex Balloons and Metallic Star Foil Balloon.

Idea 2: All yellow everything!


Time for a little sprinkle of glitz and glamour! Add a touch of sparkle to your party with our sunshine yellow, glitter hanging decorations! These vibrant decorations will instantly transform your party room from drab to fab! Whether you’re having your party indoors, or outdoors, these decorations are the perfect choice!

Idea 3: Premium Tableware


Create a cohesive celebration by choosing our premium gold tableware! Put on a tasteful display with this precious metals collection, including everything you need to create your tabletop of dreams! You can even toast to the birthday celebrations with our modern champagne flutes!

Products shown: Premium White Plastic Plates with Gold Border - Pack of 8, Gold Trim Premium Champagne Glasses - Pack of 8, Gold Premium Paper Straws - Pack of 24 and Gold Trim Premium Plastic Tumblers - Pack of 20.